The above is a short film that I worked on while in my high school film class. The entire class worked together on this film as our final project. We worked though the entire process including pitching story ideas, to writing and scripting scenes and story boarding. My main roles included bring a writer and doing continuity. I was the head writer of my writing group and led the group in scripting a scene. I worked with another classmate on continuity, which involved running the clapper board and bring present at every shoot to ensure that the film had excellent continuity.

I was also on the promotional team, which involved working on a poster design, and creating various social media channels to advertise the film to our fellow classmate.

At the end of the year, the film premiered at our local movie theatre.

Throughout this process I developed my narrative writing skills, my technical editing skills (we used Premiere Pro), and learned a lot about working in a team on a significant project.


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